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Reasons to use Prooffo

Simple Start to Increase Your Income

Proffo is the convenient marketing platform that leverages and automates the real
power of social proof to instantly increase trust, conversions and sales.

See Why Social Proof important on the Website

  • Increase Conversion Rate

    Increase signup and purchase conversions by showing recent orders and active users in your website.

  • Grow Sales Revenue

    Users tend do spend more and discover other products easily when they see social proof on your website.

  • Use Customer Trust

    New users trust more if they see that other people are also using and taking action on your website.

  • Save Your Time

    SocialProof will work for you after you install it on your website in 3 minutes without any coding skill.

  • Decrease Acquistion Costs

    Your marketing cost will decrease because your potential customers will turn into real signups.

  • Fear of Missing Out

    Social Proof uses the fear of missing out by showing other visitors taking action on your website.

Prooffo features

  • Prooved Human Experience
    is the Key to Success

    Turn your website into a busy and interesting place that compels buyer action. Let your visitors know they aren’t the only ones at the party. It’s a powerful marketing tool that can dramatically increase your sales and conversions.

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  • Use Word of Mouth Effect
    & make website Hotter

    Prooffo makes your customers’ online experience as informative and compelling as visiting a real place. Understand your audience better using prooved notifications and analyze results with the help of Prooffo advanced messages, you can easily make your website more informative and for sure Hotter.

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  • Interact with your customers
    & Generate More Sales

    Prooffo increases conversions by highlighting recent orders, product reviews, and a variety of other customer behaviors on your website. Display different Social Proof notifications - latest conversions, customer reviews, conversions counter and watch how easy is, to improve your website & makes more sales.

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